This article is intended for Administrators and Tutors with Enhanced Access.

The Payments page is where you'll find financial information on your company. Here, you'll see information about invoices and revenue. 

Along the top you'll notice totals for Overdue, Outstanding, and Unbilled.

  • The Overdue amount refers to the sum of all outstanding invoices that are past due. This is money clients owe you that they are late to pay.
  • The Outstanding balance refers to the sum of all outstanding invoices that are not overdue. This is a reflection of the amount of money you are owed that is in good standing. 
  • The balance labelled Unbilled refers to the total amount of revenue generated from all sessions booked minus Outstanding + Overdue balances.

Similarly, invoices that have been paid are marked with a status of Closed and can be found under the Recent tab.

*Note for Tutors with Enhanced Access: The payments screen visible to tutors has several differences to show a personalized view of the revenue you have generated for the business and your earnings. In addition, totals are redacted on any invoices which include another tutor's sessions

Creating an Invoice

Once a session has been logged for a unique student, that session will be added to the student's account. Follow the instructions on creating an invoice to create an invoice for each client.


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