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Create a prepaid session package

Creating a prepaid session package provides a way for you to bill clients for any number of future sessions. For example, you may want to offer clients a special price or discount if they book 10 sessions at once. Prepaid packages let you do this within Clark.

Steps to create a prepaid package

  1. Click 'Create Invoice' in the top right corner of the client's tab. This will create a standard invoice including any unbilled sessions currently associated with the client.
  2. Under the engagement you would like to create prepaid sessions for, click "Add Future Sessions" and enter the number of future sessions you would like to add to the invoice.

When you log sessions against this engagement, those sessions will deduct from the prepaid time. The amount of available time is visible when you create a session.

That's it! The invoice can otherwise be treated as a normal invoice and scheduled to send to the client or billed immediately. You can review Logging Prepaid Sessions for more information about how to use the package you have created.

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