When you schedule a session for the future, you’ll now see an option to make this event “Repeat every week.” Turning this on allows you to select how many weeks you would like it to repeat for, and see the date of the last session in the set. The button text at the bottom will change to “Schedule Upcoming Series.”

Once created, you’ll be taken to the first session in that series.

A few things to note:

  • A recurring series must start in the future.
  • A recurring session can repeat for a maximum of 24 instances (6 months).
  • Weekly is the only option for now; if you want to do a recurring on Monday and Wednesday for example, you’ll need to create two separate series.
  • You can still edit any session individually, but if you make changes to one session in the middle of a set, it will no longer be associated with that set.


Editing Recurring Sessions

1. On any recurring session that is still in the future, clicking ‘Edit Session’ will show the following:

2. Selecting “This and 9 following sessions” will take you to an edit session view

Once there, you’ll see which sessions you’re currently editing, as well as the ability to change the day of the week, the start time, end time, and location.

Making and saving any changes from here will apply to all the sessions in that set.

A few things to note:

  • Changing the day of the week will move the session to the nearest day of the week. For example, if I moved a Wednesday session to Tuesdays, the sessions will all move back in time by one day. (if you are moving from Mondays to Fridays for example, it will move backward into the previous week.)
  • It is possible for that day to be in the past, meaning your first session would now be marked as ‘complete.’


Deleting recurring sessions

You can choose a single session in the series to delete, or delete the chosen session and all following sessions.

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