Admins can now download their data from Clark!

Simply select the date range you'd like in Closed Bills and click 'Download Data' from the payments tab and select which reports you want. Click download and you're all set!

From there, you’ll get an email, where you can download your CSV file, which you can open with excel or google spreadsheets.

Session Data is great for:

  • Totaling a tutor’s wage for a specific duration for payroll
  • Totaling your total earnings from a specific subject
  • Reconciling paid and unpaid sessions

Payment records are great for things like:

  • Accounting
  • Totaling your expenses (payment fees)
  • Sorting which invoices have been paid, or are still outstanding
  • Totaling how much gross income you should have earned in a specific period

Here's what it looks like:

Step 1: Click Download Data.

Step 2: Select your reports and date range.

Step 3: Your email should arrive within a few minutes. You can download your files when you're ready!

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