Admins can now bill for multiple engagements on a single invoice!

How it works

If a client has multiple engagements, then the admin will be able to bill for them on a single invoice.

Step 1: Click Create Invoice from the client's page

Or click into an unbilled invoice from the Payments page

Step 2: If you'd like to create a prepaid package, click 'Add Future Sessions'

If there is an unbilled session, you'll see it listed accordingly. There is also the choice to bill for future sessions under the engagement.

Step 3: Enter the number of prepaid hours for each engagement

Step 4: Click Send Invoice Now or Schedule Invoice to be sent later

The client will receive an email invoice that lists out the payments per engagement:

Additional notes:

If there are multiple unbilled sessions for different engagements for the same client, they will appear as separate items on the Outstanding Bills table. 

However, when clicking into a bill, all unbilled engagements for the client will appear. Creating this invoice merges all the sessions into one invoice. Once you've created the invoice, all its sessions will be updated.

There is currently no way to remove sessions from the invoice. If you don't want to bill for a session, you'll need to cancel the invoice, delete the session, and then reinvoice for the remaining sessions.

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