You can now add a group of contacts to receive emails about a student. This makes it much easier to keep track of families with multiple students, see which students are related, and it allows you to handle email settings for students who live between two households.
You can also resend an invoice and copy an additional email address. This allows you to more efficiently follow up with clients who have not paid their bills through the Clark platform. And for families that may have multiple payers, you can now send a copy to an additional contact.

Add & Edit Families

When you create a new client, you now have an input field to search existing alternate contacts, or you can select “Create New Contact” to add one. 

Adding an Alternate Contact reveals new fields to enter for that person. You can designate them as the primary contact too if you want, which means all invoices and receipts will go to that contact. Leaving this unchecked defaults the student as the primary contact. 

You can add another alternate contact, and set the name for this group, which defaults to ‘The [Lastname] Family.’ You could also use this field to indicate an institution like a school, depending on who will be the primary payer on this student.

Note You can only have one contact designated as primary, and once you select a contact as primary, you will have to deselect them first in order to set someone else as the primary. 

On the next page, you can customize which emails each person in that group will receive.

Coming Soon! We will also add invoices and receipts to these preferences.

On Client Details, you’ll now see the Group listed below the student’s information, along with their contact information.

Adding a student to an existing group

From either create or edit client, you can add an existing group to that student by searching the name of the group. Selecting it from the list adds that student to the group. 

You can also remove them from a group by editing the student and selecting “Remove Student From This Group.”

For groups when more than one student is present, you’ll see the related students listed on the group, and you can click the arrow to switch to that student’s client details page.

Resend an Invoice & CC Someone Else

After an admin sends an invoice, they will see an option to resend the invoice on the bill details screen.

Step 1: Click resend invoice

Step 2: To resend the invoice without copying an additional email address, simply leave the “CC someone else” field empty and click Send

Step 3: To copy someone else, enter the email address into the “CC someone else” field

Step 4: Click Send 

You'll see the invoice activity at the top of the invoice. When an invoice is resent, the activity feed will display that the resent invoice is “pending” until the email has been sent. 

Once the email has been sent successfully, the status will update. You may need to refresh the page to see this update. 

The client will receive another invoice email and will be able to see who else was copied on the email.

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