Every person with a Clark login has 1 of 3 roles. These roles help define who is responsible for what action within the business.

The three roles are

  • Administrator
  • Tutor with Enhanced Access
  • Tutor


Administrators have access to all of the tools and data within Clark. Administrators have the ability to

  • Manage all invoices
  • Export billing data
  • Manage all sessions for all tutors and clients
  • Create new tutors and invite them to the platform
  • Manage all tutors
  • Create new clients
  • Manage all clients
  • Create prepaid packages for any client
  • Manage all engagements
  • Manage Clark settings

While administrators have access to the whole platform, Clark allows administrators with multiple tutors to choose how they want their tutors to user Clark.

Note: Administrators must decide which level of access to give ALL of their tutors. The access level cannot be adjusted for an individual tutor.

Tutor with Enhanced Access

Tutors with enhanced access have the ability to manage their clients and review information about their clients. Enhanced access is recommended if your tutors typically manage scheduling and billing their own clients.

Tutors with Enhanced access can sign in via https://business.hiclark.com/login

Enhanced Access gives tutors the ability to

  • Add new clients to Clark
  • Manage their own clients
  • Manage billing and invoicing for their own clients
  • Manage their own sessions
  • Create engagements for their clients
  • Manage their engagements
  • Create prepaid packages for their engagements


Tutor has the fewest permissions and is useful if your administrators normally handle clients and billing for the business.

Tutors can sign in via https://tutors.hiclark.com/

Tutors are able to

  • View their schedule
  • Create sessions for existing engagements (Engagements must be created by the administrator)
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