This article is intended for Administrators and Tutors with Enhanced Access.

Creating an invoice

Invoices are used to bill your clients. Our invoices are designed to be flexible - you can send an invoice for as many sessions as you like. If one of your students pays-per-session, you can send an invoice for one session.

*Note: Tutors with enhanced access are able to create invoices, but are only able to view data for their sessions with the student. For example, if a student works with 2 different tutors, the tutor creating the invoice can only see details associated with their sessions and will not be able to see rates and total for the other tutor.

Keep reading for instructions on how to create an invoice from the Client Details page.

  1. Select 'Create Invoice' in the upper right-hand corner of your client info page.
  2.  Assign a Due Date for the invoice *Note: Due Dates will automatically default to two weeks from the billing date. You can adjust the date as needed.
  3. Select the number of sessions you would like to bill the client for
  4. Create an adjustment if necessary  *Tip: Adjustments come in handy when sessions run over time. If you were adding an adjustment to this invoice, you would select whether you're adding or subtracting fees, then add a memo to describe the adjustment.
  5. Select 'Send Invoice.' Your student or their designated parent/guardian will receive the invoice via email. 

When a parent/guardians receive an invoice for the first time, they receive an introductory email...

And are asked to add billing information. 

You can learn more about billing your clients in our payments article

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